Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a low maintenance, longer lasting, ecological way to protect your property and will probably be the last roof you have to invest in.  It is not flammable or combustible which makes it a desirable option to protect your home against severe weather.  These roofs are becoming the most qualified roofing material to perform in extreme winds, hail and fire.  

With the many options available with metal roofing, homeowners have discovered a more permanent solution.  Some of the different looks of include standing seam, ribbed panel, tile, slate, shake and shingle. 

Popular Winter Garden Metal Roofing Styles

  • Standing Seam – Known for the ability to act as a runoff for rainwater, this is a great choice in Florida. 
  • Ribbed Panel – Most common type of metal roof, these panels are connected with hidden fasteners giving the roof a smooth look.
  • Tile – Get the look and color of tile roofing with the benefits of metal.
  • Shake – Engineered with a multi tone of colors, this metal roofing gives you the classic look of wooden shakes.
Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Myths

  • Increase lightning strikes – Metal conducts electricity, however electricity is not drawn to metal.  Metal roofing is fire resistant and if your home should be struck by lightning, the risk of fire is decreased.
  • My house will stay cold in the winter – If your attic has proper insulation, your home will stay just as warm during winter months as it would with any other type roof.  (as a bonus, metal roofs reflect the sun’s heat and will help on your electricity bills during the many summer months)

A metal roof cost is dependent on the style roof you choose and your home’s pitch.  Give us a call or complete our quick email form.  We will get you set up with your complimentary, no obligation free estimate for your new roof!